Existing Residents

Q - How do I pay my rent?

A - You have several options in regards to paying your rent. You can mail it to either the Londonderry, NH office or the Dover, NH office. [include addresses, or link to contact page] You can set up direct payments from your bank, or you can pay your rent online. You can also drop it off in person at any office.

Q - Can I pay my rent online?

A - Yes, you can. Simply call your local office, provide an email address and we will activate your online portal for rent payments, maintenance requests and much more.

Q - When is my rent considered late and what is the late fee?

A - You have a five (5) day grace period to pay your rent. We go by the postmark if you mail your rent. The late fee is $50.00, if received after the 5th day of the month.

Q - How do I submit a work order or request for maintenance?

A - You can call the office and submit a work order for maintenance to take care of any apartment-related issues you have. You can also submit a work order request online through our website.

Q - How do I give my move-out notice if I decide to move?

A - You must give 30-day written notice upon vacating. Notices are due on the first of the month, so they expire at the end of that current month.

Q - How do I return keys and finalize my apartment following my move out?

A - You must call the office and schedule a final walk-through of your apartment. We will meet with you, walk through the apartment and that is where you will give back your keys and parking passes and provide your forwarding address.

Q - Can I prepay my rent and pay ahead?

A - Yes, you can always prepay your rent and pay ahead.

Q - What do I do if I have a problem with my neighbors?

A - Depending on the issue with your neighbors, call the office to report it so we have a chance to address your concerns. If you need immediate assistance with your neighbors and the office is closed, we recommend contacting your local police department and then inform the office as soon as you're able.

Q - What do I do with my vehicle if I am going away on vacation during the winter snow plow season?

A - You can either park your vehicle off-site or contact the office to make other arrangements prior to leaving. We will work with you to make sure you vehicle is moved if necessary, in the case that a storm occurs while you are away.

Q - What happens if I have to break my lease because I need to move out of the apartment?

A - In New Hampshire, if you move out of the apartment before your lease expires, the law states you are responsible for the remainder balance of your lease or until we re-rent the unit, whichever occurs first. We will actively work to re-rent your apartment, and you can also try to re-rent your apartment and find a good prospective tenant to replace you.

Q - What do I do if I purchase a new vehicle?

A - Remember to remove your parking pass from your old vehicle. Contact the office with the new vehicle information and we will update your parking pass information for your new vehicle.

Q - What if I want to add a roommate to my lease after I move in?

A - Your prospective roommate will need to go through the application process, just as you did. Once approved, they will need to be added to the existing lease.

Q - What happens to the security deposit if I move out and my roommate stays?

A - The entire security deposit must remain in tact with us as long as one or both of you continue to be residents. If one of you want to hand over the security deposit to the other, then you must provide a notarized letter to us, stating that one roommate gives the security deposit to the other. Otherwise, the security deposit may be returned to each of you, split evenly, at the end of your tenancy.

Q - Are the apartments painted & cleaned prior to move in?

A - All apartments undergo a complete inspection and turn over process. In all cases, this includes a check of all mechanical and electric systems. The units are always professionally cleaned, and in most cases, they are given a fresh coat of paint. In some cases, the units are completely renovated as well.


Prospective Residents

Q - How long is a standard lease term?

A - Our standard lease is 12 months.

Q - Do you offer short-term leases?

A - Yes. We can offer flexible short-term leases at select communities. There is a surcharge fee per month for a short term lease.

Q - Do you offer month-to-month tenancy?

A - Yes. After your initial lease expires, you have the option to renew your lease or go month-to-month.

Q - Do you offer snow removal?

A - Yes. All of the plowing, sanding, salting and lawn care is taken care of for you.

Q - Do you have on-site parking?

A - Yes. We have parking included with the apartments.

Q - Do you allow pets?

A - Cats are fine as long as they are indoor and fixed. A maximum of 2 cats are permitted. Dogs are only allowed in the condo units, not the apartments.

Q - Do you have maintenance on-site at the property?

A - Yes, we offer full-time maintenance. They are available Monday through Friday for scheduled work orders. We also have full-time emergency maintenance on staff 24 hours a day for emergencies that arise outside of normal business hours.

Q - When are you available for showings?

A - Generally, we are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 4:00pm. Saturday and evening appointments are available as well. All showings are by appointment only so please contact us to set one up.

Q - Is the management office located on-site?

A - No. Our offices are located here.

Q - Do the apartments offer laundry equipment?

A - Some of the apartments have a washer and dryer in the unit. Other properties have laundry available on-site in the apartment building. All of our apartment communities do offer laundry, whether it be in the unit or on site.

Q - What if my credit is not that great but I have excellent landlord references?

A - Each application is looked at in its entirety. No one aspect of the application is more important than the other, so poor credit is not a determining factor of whether your application will be approved or not.

Q - What if I never rented before?

A - Again, each application is looked at in its entirety. No one aspect of the application is more important than the other, so no rental history is not a determining factor of whether your application will be approved or not.

Q - What happens to my security deposit if I break my lease?

A - Your security deposit is held to pay for any charges or fees you may incur during your tenancy. If you break your lease, resulting in additional charges that you are unable or unwilling to pay for, then your security deposit will be used to go towards that.

Q - How much is the security deposit?

A - The security deposit is typically one month’s rent.

Q - Does the rent increase each year? Why?

A - Rents may or may not increase each year, depending on market conditions. Rent increases are announced well in advance of the end of your tenancy.

Q - Are dogs allowed? Breed restrictions?

A - Our pet policy varies by community. Please contact us to determine if your pet is permitted.